Two time Excellence awardee for Employee Health and Wellbeing

The promotion of staff wellbeing and addressing the impact of vicarious trauma in their work saw Brave Legal take home the Excellence in Employee Health and Wellbeing for a second time.

On May 18, 2023, Bree Knoester and Jyoti Haikerwal travelled to Sydney to attend and represent Brave Legal at the Australasian Law Awards night.

Brave Legal was nominated for and won the Excellence in Employee Health and Wellbeing category – a fantastic recognition of our dedication to promoting the wellbeing of its staff and addressing the impact of vicarious trauma in their work.

It was a great night to celebrate and reflect on the unique work that Brave Legal does in the wellbeing space. At Brave Legal, the health and wellbeing of our staff are paramount, and this award is a testament to our commitments. We understand that the nature of our work dealing with personal injury cases can be emotionally challenging, and as such, we have taken proactive steps to support our staff in navigating these demands.

Recognising the toll of vicarious trauma and the nature of being in the legal industry, Brave Legal has implemented a comprehensive program known as ‘Brave Wellbeing’.

Brave Wellbeing is a tailored initiative that provides a range of resources and support systems to help our staff cope with the emotional and stressful challenges inherent in this profession. By acknowledging and addressing the potential impact, Brave Legal has created an environment that promotes the mental and emotional wellbeing of our team members.

One notable initiative within the Brave Wellbeing program is the quarterly Wellness Week. During this week, Brave Legal encourages staff to engage in a variety of activities known to promote wellbeing.

For example, as a team, Brave Legal has crafted, painted, walked, laughed at a comedy show, danced at a musical, learned from Mental Health Accredited Counsellor, Robyn Bradey, and lifted each other up with positive affirmations.

The diverse nature of the program recognises that everyone’s idea of wellbeing is different, and the purpose of the initiative is to add to the mental health toolbox of each staff member.

Receiving the Excellence in Employee Health and Wellbeing award for a second year in a row highlights our dedication to fostering a work environment that prioritises the wellbeing of our staff. Through the implementation of the Brave Wellbeing program and conducting regular Wellness Weeks, Brave Legal demonstrates its commitment to creating a healthy work-life balance and supporting the mental and emotional health of its team members.

As Brave Legal continues to excel in this field, this award serves as a reminder of the importance of staff wellbeing within the legal profession.

By championing initiatives that promote mental and emotional wellness, Brave Legal proudly leads as an example and reaffirms the significance of a supportive work environment in achieving success while protecting the wellbeing of staff.

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