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Jyoti Haikerwal


Jyoti is a compassionate and caring lawyer with a passion for the law and a deep insight into the medical profession.  She brings this unique combination of skills to her role at Brave Legal.

Since 2017, Jyoti has achieved substantial settlements for clients injured as a result of medical negligence.  Jyoti also has experience in public liability claims and an interest in Coronial Inquests, nursing home neglect and cases involving children.  
Jyoti’s expertise in medical negligence is grounded in her studies at the Australian National University where she completed a double degree in Law and Medical Science.  Jyoti enjoys applying the law to complex medical situations and thrives on working hard to understand every aspect of her client’s case.  This often requires mastering a knowledge of anatomy, surgical techniques, infection control, nursing care and emergency medicine.  

Jyoti’s ability to put clients at ease and simplify medical and legal information ensures her clients clearly understand the claims process and can focus on their health and well-being.  With every person she assists, Jyoti’s priority is to have a collaborative working relationship to ensure that her clients are part of achieving the best possible outcome.  

Jyoti is involved in the Australian legal and medical community through her work as a committee member of the  Victorian Women Lawyers and a volunteer with the Australasian Birth Trauma Association (ABTA).  

Jyoti’s work with ABTA has given her a good understanding of the physical, psychiatric and emotional challenges that impact women who are injured during birth and seen her develop a keen interest in helping women who suffer from obstetric and gynaecological injuries.

If you’d like to arrange a time to speak with Jyoti, call us today on 03 9070 9816, email or send us a message via our contact page.

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