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How Rude-olf: Christmas Negotiations Gone Wrong

Lawyers take note! Proceed with caution when negotiating this Christmas – or you might find yourself not jingling all the way.

3 min Bree Knoester
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A mental health-conscious and trauma-informed approach

We hope this unique approach breaks down the stigma surrounding mental health, proving that it’s possible to provide excellent legal representation whilst caring for the emotional needs of our team and our clients.

2 min Jyoti Haikerwal
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A timely reminder from the Courts – the latest word on deadlines

The case of Griffiths v Nillumbik Shire Council serves as a useful reminder to both individuals considering a claim and for practitioners providing limitations advice.

3 min Jyoti Haikerwal
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Obtaining key documents and information quickly will assist with expediting dependency claims

Where a death occurs in negligence circumstances, the dependents of a person who has died can bring a claim against the wrong-doer. This is called a dependency claim.

3 min Jyoti Haikerwal

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