Medical Negligence

Thank you so very much Jyoti, you and the team have done a fantastic job and always seemed to be on top of all aspects of the claim.

I have felt honoured and cared about, I have always been treated with the greatest respect, sensitivity and kindness, while you’ve guided the process as gently as possible.

It’s a great result and will make a significant difference for our future.  I couldn’t be happier, obviously I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend you to anyone in need of your services.

Private client

Thank you to Bree and Lucia for their impeccable guidance and support through the case.  Nothing was ever an issue and there were no surprises as there was constant updates.

The matter was dealt with professionally and empathetically at all times.  Can’t thank Bree and Lucia enough for the way in which they handled this matter, there was no pressure at any time, which was greatly appreciated.

Evelyn J.

You have been my rock. You believed in my case, in me and always had my back. You are so dedicated and good at what you do. You care, you listen, you empathise and this joint win together is something we can both be proud of. I can’t thank you enough …… You are a wonderful person and why Brave Legal is so successful. Thank you Jyoti Haikerwal.

Darren B.

Thank you to Jyoti and Kathryn at Brave Legal for your exceptional service and professional advice regarding my injury.

You were both very supportive and helpful throughout the entire process, answering all my questions and being responsive to my concerns. I am appreciative of all the hard work and communication throughout my case and I’m happy with the outcome you are able to achieve.

I highly recommend Brave Legal to anyone in a similar situation.

Philip W.

Brave Legal always gave me confidence to believe that my case would be resolved. No question asked, or concern raised by me was ignored, and I always felt the empathy from Bree, Lucia, and those working with them.

I will be ever grateful for a very successful outcome.

Keith P.

The knowledge, care, compassion and patience Bree and Lucia showed through out my claim was amazing.  I couldn’t recommend them highly enough.

Very professional and Bree takes the time to listens to you.

Georgia D.

Thank you very much, Jyoti and Kathryn, for your legal assistance over the past few months, and for your efficiency, kindness and understanding.

I wish you much success in your practice.


I felt compelled to formally write to you to thank you so much for being interested enough in my particular situation to research any possible positive outcomes in challenging my treatment provider.

I thank you also for clearly explaining to me the limitations of tinnitus in an action.

Anyway Jyoti, thanks again and I will keep your contact if I or a family member needs professional legal services in the future.

John K.

The case was not an easy case. They were willing to work hard and follow the case through. We were able to get a good outcome.

Patricia H.

I can’t thank you enough and appreciate the quality of advice, professionalism, your compassion and passion for your work.

The approach of Kathryn and Jyoti was immaculate and thorough, empowering me to think rationally and make informed decisions.

I have spoken to many firms (big and small) about my case, the quality of work and process you have presented is manifolds above and beyond the standards out there.


Both Bree Knoester and Lucia Nguyen were extremely helpful and friendly, while being totally professional. I was kept fully informed at every stage of my legal action with each step along the way being discussed with me. There were no surprises and any queries I had were always responded to promptly and respectfully.

Eileen W.