Bree Knoester

The team at Brave Legal were recommended to me to assist a family member with a challenging situation.  From the initial consultation, Bree demonstrated exceptional professionalism but equally as important was her genuine empathy.  The risks and potential outcomes were communicated clearly and with an appropriate style.  The outcome was consistent with that advice.  We are very grateful for having been referred to Brave Legal.

Private client

I used Brave Legal for my personal injury case.  Bree Knoester was absolutely amazing throughout the case setting me at ease to what was a pretty nerve racking ordeal.

Bree is a true advocate for her clients with unwavering dedication, expertise and empathy.  I can honestly say she dealt with me like she had known me for years.  This was a long and complicated case but Bree and her team really did put me first throughout the whole process.

Chris U.

I was a little daunted to have to seek legal services but when I spoke to Bree Knoester, my fears immediately dissipated.

Bree was accessible, knowledgeable, professional and warm. I was treated with respect and the way forward was laid out for me clearly and openly. Every step of the way, I had a sound understanding of what would happen next. I wasn’t bamboozled by legal jargon and I was impressed by Bree’s breadth of experience, advice, advocacy and representation.

Not only did I have an incredibly positive experience through my dealings with Bree Knoester but she brought a successful outcome to the matter which has made a world of difference to my life. Thank you Bree and the team at Brave Legal.

Phoebe M.

The team at Brave Legal were absolutely amazing from my very first contact until my last. They listened and supported me throughout a process that I was completely clueless about. No question was silly and every answer was detailed and supportive.

I cannot recommend them highly enough. I would give 10 stars if it was an option.

Lorie B.

I wholeheartedly endorse Bree Knoester of Brave Legal. Her profound expertise, unshakable integrity, pragmatic mindset, and sincere compassion shine brilliantly. We were introduced to her by another lawyer in a different domain, and it’s abundantly clear why she was highly recommended.

In an industry crowded with self-proclaimed lawyers, Bree distinguishes herself and truly stands out. From our initial interaction to the conclusion of our personal injury legal matter, our experience with the entire team at Brave Legal has been truly exceptional. If it were possible, I would gladly award 100 stars. Thank you immensely!

Yasmin O.

I am so grateful to Bree Knoester, Jyoti Haikerwal and and all staff at Brave Legal.

The outcome they achieved for me was beyond my expectations. At all times throughout my personal injury claim I was treated with kindness and respect while offering expert advice. Brave Legal made an extremely stressful situation less so, as I navigated the process of my legal claim.

Thank you so very much I would not have wanted to do this with anyone other than Brave Legal.

Elisha K.

Bree Knoester and her team have been so efficient yet so supportive and compassionate. The whole process has been stress-free for our Dad, which was more important to us than anything.

Bree had such a deep understanding of everything involved with our claim process and personal injury law. Bree truly tried to achieve the best possible outcome, which was what was achieved in the end.

We credit the team and their professionalism for such a smooth process. Thank you Bree, Lucia and the team for all your hard work and care.

Michael C.

I came to Bree Knoester after being treated appallingly by an ASX-listed firm that was only ever interested in making a profit for their shareholders. They couldn’t even get the name of the defendant correct on court documents let alone accurately outline the circumstances of my personal injury, but tried to bill me for their mistakes anyway!

But from the moment I met her, Bree understood my Workcover claim and its significance, and genuinely wanted to help me get the justice I deserved. She kept me informed of the process every step of the way and I always felt supported – especially when we were forced to go to trial, then appeal. But we won and an important legal precedent was made that will help other injured workers get their justice too against the almighty resources of their employer, their employer’s insurance agent and WorkSafe Victoria who runs the scheme.

Bree made an incredibly difficult period of my life much better and for that, my family and I will be forever grateful. I honestly don’t think you could find a more professional or competent legal representative willing to fight for what’s right. Thank you so much Bree.

Andrea P.

Thank you to Bree and Lucia for their impeccable guidance and support through the case.  Nothing was ever an issue and there were no surprises as there was constant updates.

The matter was dealt with professionally and empathetically at all times.  Can’t thank Bree and Lucia enough for the way in which they handled this matter, there was no pressure at any time, which was greatly appreciated.

Evelyn J.

Brave Legal made my case extremely easy at a difficult time for me. The result was really outstanding. I cannot thank Bree and Lucia enough. It has made the future more comfortable for both of us.

Greg G.

Bree and the team were very professional.

They were very sensitive and supportive to the case of our dear father.

Tania B.

Bree Knoester assisted with our mesothelioma asbestos claim through WorkCover.  All of the services and advice that we recieved were excellent and would be very hard to improve.

Roger T.

Great experience with Brave LegalBree Knoester explained everything in detail during the first appointment; and Anastasia and staff have been extremely helpful.

Thank you to the team and the lawyers at Brave Legal for making the long process easy for me and getting an excellent outcome for my compensation claim. I would highly recommend Brave Legal.

Marlena A.

All very prompt and professional.  Very happy with the outcome.  Thank you Bree.

Kelvin B.

Brave Legal always gave me confidence to believe that my case would be resolved. No question asked, or concern raised by me was ignored, and I always felt the empathy from Bree, Lucia, and those working with them.

I will be ever grateful for a very successful outcome.

Keith P.

The team at Brave Legal are supportive, caring and understanding. Bree Knoester is an outstanding personal injury lawyer.

Cindy V.

Brave Legal were very helpful and efficient, and I appreciated their professionalism and care.

Neil H.

The knowledge, care, compassion and patience Bree and Lucia showed through out my claim was amazing.  I couldn’t recommend them highly enough.

Very professional and Bree takes the time to listens to you.

Georgia D.

Both Bree and Lucia were very professional and supportive at all times. What a journey we have been on over many years. I came to Bree from a recommendation from another firm. My journey had ups and downs, but Bree was so supportive and caring and understood all my emotions. Bree believed – and that was the most important thing to me. Bree never gave up – Bree believed in me – and I can never thank her enough.

If you are after a caring, professional and supportive legal team that have your best interest at heart then you cannot go past Bree and Lucia. Bree, thank you for believing.

Johnathon W.

The case was not an easy case. They were willing to work hard and follow the case through. We were able to get a good outcome.

Patricia H.

I was extremely fortunate to have Bree Knoester as my lawyer and advocate. Lucia was extremely personable, efficient and kind. I will always be extremely grateful.

Private Client.

The legal advice I received was well-researched and delivered in a timely, measured and professional manner.

My input and involvement were encouraged to achieve the outcome I was seeking. Brave Legal provided me with service excellence and were compassionate and supportive throughout the claims process.

George Z.

From the very first contact Bree was wonderfully warm and approachable while also delivered a very professional service. Lucia provided an excellent support role.

Tom H.

Bree and her team made a situation that was difficult into something that became a seamless endeavour.

We always felt supported, heard and cared for with every step of the process. No question was silly and no request was too complicated.

Linda K.

Hi Bree, just a quick reminder to you and your team that what you do matters long term, not just at the time of a positive outcome. My daughter graduated from grade 12 recently – and I was here to help her achieve that milestone.

Having complete confidence that in terms of my case whatever could be done was being done, and with a very high degree of skill, allowed me to focus on the slow battle with PTSD.

That contributed significantly to me firstly just still being alive and secondly to me being able to gradually improve. I’m pleased to say that journey is continuing in a positive direction. So this is a milestone that you guys contributed to achieving.

Thank you from all of us. What you do, and how you do it makes a difference.

Mick S.

Brave Legal provided an excellent service to myself and my family.

They always provided a quick response and adequately explained any enquiries we had with clarity and honesty.

Neil H.

A non-stressful six months from start to finish with Brave Legal. Very knowledgeable and caring. Thank you.

Rad M.

We wish to extend sincere thanks to Bree Knoester for her professional service, legal advice and guidance throughout our recent mesothelioma compensation claim.

It was a pleasure and an experience to have been associated with Bree for the last 6 months, and we are very satisfied with our final settlement outcome.

All the best for the future and we hope that you achieve your goals and objectives.

The Payne Family.

Bree Knoester was exemplary in all areas. The compensation claims process was stress free and she went above and beyond our expectations. It was a smooth path to settlement.

Russell F.

Bree was very professional and helpful. I felt safe and understood. She made a very terrible and traumatic time in my life better.

Cindy S.

Bree did a fantastic job for us and we could not speak more highly of the courteous and professional way she dealt with my case.

I would definitely recommend Bree to anyone.

David S.

Seven and a half years ago my life was changed irrevocably by an accident…

It has been an incredibly difficult, emotionally challenging and soul-destroying time in my life, and something I would never wish on anyone.

Bree, your gentle and professional advice that made me realise that it was not all my fault, and over the past few years working with you all I have rebuilt that part of my self-esteem and my diminished confidence. I am forever grateful for the huge amount of work and effort that was put in by you all as a team to affect a positive outcome.

Lawyers get a bad wrap a lot of the time, but it is people like you that are led by genuine values of doing what is right and what is fair that give your profession a good name.

Lucia, you have been so responsive and thoughtful, and always accessible, thank you so much.

Alex B.

Both Bree Knoester and Lucia Nguyen were extremely helpful and friendly, while being totally professional. I was kept fully informed at every stage of my legal action with each step along the way being discussed with me. There were no surprises and any queries I had were always responded to promptly and respectfully.

Eileen W.

Thank you to Bree Knoester for fighting for me and making me feel worthy. She was so kind and patient, I could tell her anything and she was so supportive. The service I received was second to none. Bree connected professionally and emotionally and was so caring and thoughtful. It was an amazing and supportive experience.

Bree, thank you for your tremendous support during my case. It took so much pressure off and allowed me to focus on my recovery. You genuinely care about your clients and that’s very difficult to find these days.

Christine I.