Brave New Partnership Supports Birth Trauma Survivors

A traumatic birth experience can have an immense impact on individuals and their families. In support of this, Brave Legal has formed a new partnership with Australasian Birth Trauma Association (ABTA).

Every year, Australian Birth Trauma Awareness Week shines a light on differing childbirth experiences, encourages women, birthing people, fathers and non-birthing parents to share their personal experiences of birth-related trauma, and provides support to those who may be feeling isolated or alone following a traumatic birth experience.

In support of our shared objectives of assisting and advocating for individuals who have endured the physical and psychological consequences of birth-related trauma, Brave Legal is proud to announce its official partnership with the Australasian Birth Trauma Association (ABTA).

A traumatic birth experience can have an immense impact on individuals and their families. To acknowledge this, ABTA and Brave Legal take a holistic approach to helping those affected to begin their healing journey and ensure their stories are heard and respected.

Who is the Australasian Birth Trauma Association?

The Australasian Birth Trauma Association is the first Australian organisation that brings families, clinicians and researchers together to prevent, diagnose, treat and support birthing people and their families who have gone through birth-related trauma. A significant aspect of ABTA’s mission is to establish a safe and empathetic community for individuals impacted by birth-related trauma, equipping them with valuable resources, education, and connections to support networks.

Brave Legal is proud to support ABTA and its mission. We have extensive expertise supporting people who have experienced birth-related trauma and deliver legal services in a trauma-informed and compassionate manner. We are committed to supporting our clients throughout the legal process, unwavering in our determination to help birth trauma survivors find answers and their voice despite the physical and/or psychological injuries they have suffered.

Case study

As legal practitioners, we often help families investigate legal claims for both physical and psychological birth injuries and during this process, get a personal understanding of the way their injuries impact their everyday life. Often, it becomes evident that these families not only require legal advice but also guidance and support to help with their healing process.

We are proud to partner with ABTA and are grateful to refer clients to them for access to the resources, support and network the ABTA community provides.

An example of this is when we represented a woman who wanted to investigate the circumstances of her birthing experience. During her delivery, she did not receive adequate coaching by the attending midwives and doctors, leaving her feeling overwhelmed and unsupported. Following the birth, she was diagnosed with a 2nd-degree perineal tear and discharged the next day.

Despite expressing concerns about persistent discomfort and bleeding, the medical staff dismissed her anxieties, urging her not to worry. Over the subsequent three weeks, she continued to experience intense pain, malodour, and ongoing bleeding. Each time she sought help, her concerns were brushed aside. Finally, she was required to attend the Emergency Department, where it was discovered that she had, in fact, suffered a fourth-degree tear that had gone undiagnosed, requiring immediate surgery.

Physically and psychologically affected by this ordeal, the woman contacted Brave Legal for legal advice.

We are in the process of investigating a claim for her and are obtaining the evidence we require to secure compensation for her injuries. During our conversations with her, we understood that she was struggling and felt isolated in her experience with a traumatic birth.

Building upon our existing relationship and admiration of ABTA’s work, we directed her to their support team, where she discovered support, understanding, and a network of individuals who had undergone similar experiences.

Although we are still in the process of investigating our client’s medical negligence claim for her, we are happy that she has become part of the ABTA community to continue her healing journey during her legal claim and into the future.

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